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April 27, 2010

Got a Trampoline?

If you do, does your insurance company know about it?  NONE of the carriers that we write will cover a trampoline that does not have a net.  So, if yours does not have a net around it, chances are your coverage will be null and void if they find out about it. Is it worth …continue reading

Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cash Value

First – if you don’t know what your homeowners policy covers, stop reading this, go get the policy right now and check. Welcome back.  Let’s both hope it says “Replacement Cost” and not ACV.  Here’s a quick example why, but first, a few definitions: Replacement Cost – the cost to replace the item.  If the …continue reading

April 19, 2010

Someone robbed my friend’s home last week…

…while his wife and one-year-old boy were sleeping.  Thankfully everyone is safe – that is the most important thing. One of the stolen items was her wallet.  As soon as they realized this they canceled their cards and notified their bank to be on alert. Some homeowners policies have identity theft protection built-in.  Does yours?  …continue reading

Renters Insurance – Two Real Stories

Note – these are both true stories, that happened to people close to me, within about 4 months of each other. Story #1: A couple rented an apartment, and could not “afford” renters insurance.  One day, while they were home, the baseboard heater caused the couch in the living room to catch fire.  Luckily, no …continue reading

Welcome to Insurance Insights!

I hope you enjoy my new blog called Insurance Insights.  I plan on using this to give my readers quick notes, tips, news, stories, and any other tidbits that can be read in less than one minute!  Maybe I’ll throw a joke in there once in a while, or a fun story.  I know you’re …continue reading

Generation Y and Healthcare Reform

Generation Y may benefit the most from healthcare reform.  I just read a scary statistic regarding my fellow Gen-Ys: a THIRD (33%) of those younger than age 30 say they don’t have health insurance.  Wow. Our generation is in a tough spot when it comes to health insurance.  Consider this: Many 20-somethings work for smaller …continue reading