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I’ll preface this one a little – this is more for people that are not on group plans, and have insurance on their own.

Basically, I ask this question to help you possibly save money.  If you have insurance on your own, and haven’t really “used” it in at least a year, consider your options, especially if you currently have a feature-rich plan.  Why pay extra for the features if you aren’t using them?

For me personally, I do not have an Rx card.  But, for me to get an Rx card (on an individual plan), I have to have a low deductible and pay about $70/month extra just to be able to pay $10 for a prescription.  The extra $840/year doesn’t make sense for me to do that.  Even if it costs me $60 or $70 for a antibiotic, if I stretch that cost over a year, it is minimal.

Take a look at yours, and find out your options.  You could be paying for the Cadillac, but will be just fine with the Honda plan.