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Any time I can make a reference to an old blues tune, I’ll do it.

Note: I originally wrote this in July 2010, but it applies all the time!

We just finished a pretty wet June, and I’ve heard some stories about basement flooding.  One coverage I ALWAYS quote on homeowners insurance is sewer/drain backup coverage.  This is extremely important to have, because it typically isn’t included in the base homeowners policy form.

There will be a maximum coverage associated with the sewer backup coverage – $5,000, $10,000 and $25,000 are pretty standard.  The maximum you choose depends on what belongings/furnishings could possibly be damaged in your basement or lowest floor of your home.

ALSO covered is drain backup – I just heard a story about someone’s toilet “shooting water out like a geyser.”  Whew, I hope no one ever calls me with a story like that!

Water/sewer backup coverage is different from flood insurance.  An easy way to think about this is which way the water is going – typically with flooding, the water comes into the home and down.  With sewer backup, the sewers literally get full/backed up, and the water comes back into your home at the lowest point.

If you’re not sure what you have, look at your policy today and call your agent/broker.  Or, call me to review your coverage.  I will give you an honest summary of what you have!  My contact info can be found at www.mannogroup.com.