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September 27, 2010

Long-Term Care Insurance: When Is the Right Time?

Fast forward to your golden years. What do they look like? Bingo at 10? Flower arranging at 4? Hopefully so. But if your health threw a wrench in those plans, you might find yourself organizing pill bottles and waiting for assistance to get from the bed to the bathroom. Not a fun thought. If a …continue reading

September 16, 2010

Auto Coverage – Commute Use vs. Pleasure Use

If you own a car but use public transportation to commute to/from your job, you definitely need to keep reading. Someone who drives to work every day is exposed to more risk than someone who takes public trans to work.  Why?  They are driving more often, and also during high-traffic times.  Statistically, someone who uses …continue reading

What’s in a Quote? Fine Print, of Course

Getting insurance quotes can be a major hassle if you try to be your own insurance broker.  From finding and contacting numerous agents to keeping track of all the fine print…who has the time?  One of many advantages of working with an independent insurance broker is that they can do this legwork for you, and …continue reading