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Who: Young couple aged 30, one child aged 2
What: Contacted me about starting a life insurance program

I met with this young couple last year after they contacted me about buying their first life insurance policies.  They have been married a few years, and also have a 2-year old child.  They live in a townhouse, and like everyone else, they have bills and financial obligations to pay.  Both of them earn an income, and if one of those incomes would disappear, the surviving spouse would have a very difficult time maintaining their lifestyle in their home, and most importantly, maintaining the life of their child.  They knew that life insurance was an important next step for their financial health.

While reviewing various life insurance options, they decided to also review their automobile & homeowners insurance.  We discovered that they could get better coverage with over $500 in savings per year!

We decided on term life insurance that would last 30 years for each of them, and the monthly premiums were around $50 total for both policies.  Thankfully, they are both young and very healthy, and were able to receive the top health rating, making the premiums less expensive.

Hopefully you’re crunching the numbers in your head:  the life insurance is around $600/year, and they just saved $500 on their automobile and homeowners insurance.  Easy math – their life insurance is really only costing them another $100/year!  That is about $8/month, one lunch!

The numbers really put it into perspective, don’t they?

Needless to say, these clients were thrilled when I gave them the news.  They know it’s not about the premium dollars, because they knew they needed life insurance anyway, regardless of the monthly cost.  The monthly savings was just an added bonus.


The numbers in this scenario are from an actual client.  Call Tom Manno today at 708.646.9280 to see if you can uncover some extra dollars for your pocket that you can direct to more important areas of your budget, whether it is life insurance, extra savings for a rainy day, or to increase your retirement savings.