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If you ever shop your homeowners insurance, be aware of the following things that affect every quote:

Dwelling coverage, other structures, loss of use, liability, the insurance form, water backup coverage, jewelry/collectibles, replacement cost or ACV on personal property, credit history, home cost estimators, replacement cost or ACV on the roof, identity theft, pets, pools, trampolines, when updates were made to plumbing, electrical, HVAC and roofing, claims in the last 5 years, security system…

Sound like a lot? It sure is, and that’s not even everything! Be sure you aren’t looking at just the price tag when comparing two companies. All of these details can greatly affect your premium both up and down. If your agent or broker isn’t asking you about these things, they are doing you a disservice. We invest a lot of money and time into our homes, and we should not take homeowners insurance lightly.

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