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November 8, 2013

Shopping your homeowners insurance? Read this

If you ever shop your homeowners insurance, be aware of the following things that affect every quote: Dwelling coverage, other structures, loss of use, liability, the insurance form, water backup coverage, jewelry/collectibles, replacement cost or ACV on personal property, credit history, home cost estimators, replacement cost or ACV on the roof, identity theft, pets, pools, …continue reading

September 9, 2013

Health Insurance Subsidy – Do You Qualify?

When the final rules of the ObamaCare / Affordable Care Act (ACA) kick in on October 1, 2013, some people will qualify for a government subsidy to help pay for their health insurance premiums.  If your adjusted gross income is up to 400% of the poverty income level for your family size (or just you …continue reading

July 25, 2013

Some days you are the windshield…

Windshields! I’ve had three clients have to replace windshields in the last two weeks, each over $500 to replace. Some insurers offer “full glass” coverage to repair/replace the front windshield at no cost to you, but other insurers just cover this under Comprehensive, and is subject to your comprehensive deductible. Often people have $500 comprehensive …continue reading

May 14, 2013

Business Startups and Insurance

Often I hear from small business owners that look into purchasing business insurance after operating said business for a year or two. It usually happens when they are doing a B2B contract where the other party requires a certificate of insurance, and the business owner is scrambling to purchase coverage in order to satisfy that …continue reading

January 17, 2013

Downers Grove Library Program: Food for Fines!

Have you been slacking on the return of your library books, DVDs, or CDs, and now you’ve got fines to pay? Well, now is your chance to get caught up! Donate food for West Suburban Community Pantry’s “Soup-er Sunday” food drive, and the Downers Grove Public Library will reduce your late fees. One item equals …continue reading

November 2, 2012

Is All Term Insurance Alike?

Negative, Ghost Rider. As a broker, I pride myself on being able to provide options to my clients, and being able to “shop around” for them.  Does that mean just getting the best deal and lowest premium?  That’s a small part of it, but definitely not the only reason. Besides the coverage itself, one of …continue reading

What if I never “use” my life insurance?

Term insurance is life insurance for a set period of time, usually 10, 20 or 30 years.  The premiums are fixed for that amount of time.  Similar to renting an apartment, you aren’t building any equity in the policy, but this is perfectly OK.  Do we build any “equity” or cash value in our car …continue reading

August 22, 2012

New Car Accident, Old Rusty Dents

Automobiles – whether we like it or not, their values depreciate with every passing day, and every mile you drive.  Wear and tear take their toll, and periodically we need to replace certain parts such as brakes, tires, windows, bumpers, belts, etc. One VERY important question on an auto insurance application is about existing, unrepaired …continue reading

New Manno Group Office Location

Our new office location down the street from our old office.  We are now located on Meyers Road just north of Butterfield on the east side of the road.  We are conveniently located on the first floor in Suite 150.  Stop by and visit! 1801 S. Meyers Road, Suite 150 Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

Real-Life Incident: Borrowed Truck

A client of mine “Dave” borrowed a pickup truck from his friend “Joe” to bring a load of mulch to Dave’s house, figuring this was less expensive than renting one or having the mulch delivered.  While the truck was at the top of Dave’s driveway (house is on a hill), it rolled down the driveway …continue reading