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Whether you rent an apartment, own a house or own a 2-flat, homeowners insurance protects your home, belongings, you and your guests. As an independent insurance broker, we work with many A-rated insurance companies to offer you flexibility and choices, and most importantly, peace of mind knowing that protection is there when you need it most!

There are many moving parts to your automobile or motorcycle insurance (pun intended). From liability limits (if you hurt someone or damage another vehicle) to comprehensive and collision (damage to your own vehicle) to the many other coverage options available, your automobile insurance should not be handled lightly. Not having adequate coverage can leave your assets very vulnerable. We meet many people that have state-mandated minimum liability limits, it understanding how they come into play. If you exhaust your liability limits, you are personally responsible to any costs after. For example, let’s say you have Illinois’ minimum bodily injury limit of $20,000 per person, you cause an accident and injure someone. If that person incurs more than $20,000 in medical bills (very easy to do in an auto accident), you are liable for anything above $20,000.

We can review your current coverage and help you decide what fits your needs.

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