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Generation Y may benefit the most from healthcare reform.  I just read a scary statistic regarding my fellow Gen-Ys: a THIRD (33%) of those younger than age 30 say they don’t have health insurance.  Wow.

Our generation is in a tough spot when it comes to health insurance.  Consider this: Many 20-somethings work for smaller companies that don’t offer health insurance, and we are too old to still be on our parents’ plans.  Some of us aren’t married and don’t have the option to get insured with a spouse.  Young adults are graduating from college and are unable to find employment, and because they aren’t in school, they get dropped from their parents’ plans.  Children can get coverage with their parents or through CHIP.  Older folks have access to Medicare or Medicaid.  Short end of the stick, huh?

Let me know if you have questions.  Some HSA plans (high deductible, health savings account) have been changed to have one doctor visit copay per year for checkups.  So, you can have a major-medical policy with a high deductible, keeping the premiums low, but still have the ability to see your doc annually to get checked out.

I was never one to use scare tactics and doom-and-gloom, but at the minimum, people should have a major medical or catastrophic policy, even if it has a high deductible.  I personally know people that have gone bankrupt because of medical bills.  But it will never happen to us, right?  Someone can probably get a high-deductible HSA plan for the cost of a few latte’s.