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If you think not having insurance is scary, you’re right.  But for an insurance broker like me, it’s downright terrifying.  So in the spirit of Halloween weekend, here’s my list of scary signs you might need insurance:

10. You’re so bogged down with medical bills, you can’t afford your gym membership and your workout consists of groovin’ to Dance Dance Revolution (DDR to the cool kids).

9. After many appointments, you believe DMV license portraiture has improved over the years (after many license suspensions for failing to produce proof of insurance).

8. You find yourself searching eBay for a DIY root-canal kit.

7.  You’ve resorted to hiding valuables in the laundry hamper – that’ll fool ’em.

6. You drive the speed limit.

5. A deer alarm mounted to your front bumper – now that’s peace of mind.

4. Your future financial plan rests slowly in the hands of a numbered-ball blower and an attractive female with a God-given ability to draw out her vowels.

3. You secretly wonder if that butter knife could double for a microkeratome lasik tool.

2.  Safety orange – it’s the new black.

1. Every trick-or-treater that knocks on your door is required to sign a hold-harmless agreement before they leave said premises.

Hope you enjoyed the list – have a safe and fun Halloween weekend!